Treasure what you have! ?>

Treasure what you have!

Hi Everyone.

Recently I’ve noticed that my hair has become dryer and the thinning has increased dramatically. I decided that I should most definitely be looking after the hair that I have left, rather than focusing on the hair that I don’t! I already limit the amount of times that I use my hair dryer a week, and I no longer straighten my hair for fear of damaging it further.

I thought that I should give my hair a festive revamp! A treat! So I grabbed some wine, movies, a list of ingredients and headed to my girlies house for some TLC!

The mask that we made was a bit of a pick-a-mix, but my god did it feel good! I’m going to be doing a few more over the next few weeks and researching into the ingredients a lot more, so will share them with you all too 🙂

Here are the simple steps that we took for fuller, softer hair!

First of all, you hair needs to be DRY for this mask. The reason I say this is because when your hair is dry it will absorb all of the raw oils into the cuticles far more than if it was wet. This is a common mistake people make when applying hair masks.

Ingredients (depending on hair length and thickness)
– 1tbsp 100% pure avocado oil (can be bought in most health stores, or on Ebay)
– 1tsp 100% pure coconut oil (as above)
– 1tsp Argon oil, hair treatment (can be bought in any supermarket, poundshop, almost anywhere!)
– 2tbsp Argon oil, hydrating hair mask (as above)

The consistencies of these products are quite different so once they are all in the mixing bowl I would recommend you pop it into the microwave for a few seconds, it melts the products down and it makes mixing far easier. It also makes the application to your hair much smoother.


Once you have mixed the products together start to work the mask in from the the tips of your hair, if you do the roots first it can absorb into your scalp and follicles which will actually leave your hair feeling greasy – not what you want!

Top Tip – Rub any of the left over mask onto your patches if you want them to be left smooth and feeling nourished! As none of my hair actually grows from there it doesn’t leave it greasy and just makes me feel a bit nicer when my patches are silky and soft 😌

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The longer you can leave the mask on for the better as it allows for the oils to be totally absorbed into your hair. I left mine for 5 hours and could notice the difference immediately.

Wash your hair twice with your usual shampoo and conditioner to ensure that all of the product has been washed out, and then style as normal. I even rubbed some of the Argon oil onto the tips to finish off the treatment and my hair has never felt better! (Apart from before I was diagnosed with Alopecia!😝)

I hope that some of you find this useful and I would love to hear from you if you try it out.

Thank you for reading ❤️

Jade x


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