Kelp! I want thicker hair ?>

Kelp! I want thicker hair


I’d been told for a while that taking sea kelp was good for your body and supposedly encouraged hair growth, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I can safely say that I HAVE noticed a difference in my hair. It feels much thicker/fuller, appears to be healthier and has a great shine to it. The only thing I didn’t notice, unfortunately, was actual hair regrowth. I wasn’t expecting much from using this product but the fact that my hair feels better has given me such a confidence boost and it feels amazing.

Other things I noticed by taking sea kelp was that my skin felt much softer and I didn’t have as many spots. I’m not sure if this was an effect of the sea kelp or not but I certainly wasn’t complaining.

Thicker hair and softer skin; what more could a girl want?

Holland & Barrett sell these tablets as part of their 1p sale so grab a bargain whist you can! The pots I bought had 500 tablets in one pot so 2 can last for months on end, even taking the maximum dose of 3 per day.

I will definitely be incorporating this supplement into my daily routine from now on and I would love to hear thoughts and opinions from those of you that are also taking this product.

Jade x

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