Just a trim… ?>

Just a trim…

The past week has been so exciting! After visiting The Belgravia Centre last Sunday I have felt so much more confident and happier in my own skin. I used this confidence to visit the hairdressers for the first time in 6 years today!


I’d previously had a home hair dresser who I felt completely comfortable with, but stepping foot into an actual salon was another hurdle that I had to jump. And I am so please to say that I did it!

For many people going to the hairdressers is nothing. But for me it was a huge deal! I would say that having my treatment at The Belgravia Centre has given me so much more confidence to be able to get my hair done now, which is amazing. Even last year I would have never dreamed of stepping foot into a salon, and I am really proud of myself after today, which feels incredible!

I only had a trim, and a wash and blow dry. But my hair feels (and looks) so much healthier now. Which means that I can hold my head high as I feel so much positive. I even asked her to take some photos for me whilst I was there 🙂

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I would encourage all of you lovely people to be brave, take that first step and visit the hair dresser, or even get one to come to your house. Today I realised that they have nine times out of ten seen it before. I didn’t look at it from a rational side before and never took into consideration that they have trained in hair so know what alopecia is all about. Most people in the beauty and hair industry want to make their clients feel good and they would never go out of their way to judge you or make you feel uncomfortable. Plus they want your custom!

Thank you Bonnie for making me feel like a normal person today and for giving me such a lovely cut, I will definitely be back.


Jade x

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