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Toppik Discount Code ?>

Toppik Discount Code

Good Morning my beautiful #alopecian family 😀 Who uses @toppikhair to disguise their patches? Well I want to share with you Life on a Strand’s discount code ‘Jade10’ so you can get 10% off when ordering!! I absolutely LOVE this product and wouldn’t be without it. There are photos, and videos that I have uploaded onto my facebook page showing the amazing results that I’ve had, and also how to apply this product. Have a wonderful day and keep positive…

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Treasure what you have! ?>

Treasure what you have!

Hi Everyone. Recently I’ve noticed that my hair has become dryer and the thinning has increased dramatically. I decided that I should most definitely be looking after the hair that I have left, rather than focusing on the hair that I don’t! I already limit the amount of times that I use my hair dryer a week, and I no longer straighten my hair for fear of damaging it further. I thought that I should give my hair a festive revamp! A…

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Video Tutorial – Toppik ❤️ ?>

Video Tutorial – Toppik ❤️

As promised is my video tutorial for Toppik 😀

Plantur 39 ?>

Plantur 39

Someone recommended that I try the shampoo and conditioner set ‘Plantur 39’ that has been designed and produced in collaboration with the dermatological institute of the University Clinic Jena by Dr. Wolff for woman with thinning hair, however, mostly due to the menopause. But, as this product contains a Phyto-Caffeine Complex that has been proven to reduce hair loss, I thought that I’d give it a try. I also thought that I’d buy the topical solution too, I figured that no harm would come…

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Was this the product I was waiting for?! ?>

Was this the product I was waiting for?!

On days that I know I am going to be out in the open, in the wind, or just days where I’m feeling slightly more vulnerable, ‘Toppik’ is my first port of call. I came about this product by pure chance! I was walking through boots one day last summer and saw the clearance shelf. Me being me, I thought I’d have a peek. And then I saw this… ‘Instantly fuller looking hair’ ‘Hair building fibers’ I honestly don’t think…

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Kelp! I want thicker hair ?>

Kelp! I want thicker hair

I’d been told for a while that taking sea kelp was good for your body and supposedly encouraged hair growth, so I thought I’d give it a try. I can safely say that I HAVE noticed a difference in my hair. It feels much thicker/fuller, appears to be healthier and has a great shine to it. The only thing I didn’t notice, unfortunately, was actual hair regrowth. I wasn’t expecting much from using this product but the fact that my…

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