Images of ‘Perfection’ ?>

Images of ‘Perfection’

Every day, images of ‘perfection’ are thrust upon us on social media. Perfect bodies, perfect make up, perfect life. It’s no wonder our generation are so self conscious and always aspiring to be like their ‘WCW’!

After reading a friends article last night, I realised that we live in world where we focus so much on our image, that we forget the important things in life.

I won’t lie, I’ve looked at these Instagram famous girls myself and wondered how they look so ‘perfect’ all the time; and longed to know their secret. Is it make up? Are they using an editing app? Why can’t I look like that?

But, this morning I realised that perfection truly is in the eye of the beholder and that actually, I shouldn’t be ashamed that I don’t have ‘perfect’ hair.

I don’t have thick, long and luscious locks anymore and I can’t wear extensions or hair pieces like I see on these models every day.

But, I am me. And being yourself is the most perfect thing you can be


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