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Wigs Wigs Wigs!

I’d always been a bit dubious about trying on wigs, for me that was like the final stage and something that I’d always dreaded.

However the last two evenings have been a real eye opener for me, and I’m actually quite excited to say, that I’ve ordered my first one! 

Monday evening was spent round a fellow alopecians house. A lovely girl that I have known for years, and we have become closer since realising we both suffer with alopecia. Most of the night was spent talking to each other about our experiences, treatments we have tried etc and just sharing our stories with each other. Which was really comforting. After chatting for hours (and having some really yummy food!) I tried on a few of her different wigs, some synthetic and some human hair. I must say, I could definitely tell the difference between the two! But they were both so pretty and you would never know that they were wigs. 

(I don’t think the dark one suits me!)

Something that always worried me about wearing wigs was how the hair line would look and if they would fall off. 

If I’m honest with you all, I am now no longer scared of that. Lucy shook her head upside down and even pulled on the wig and it wouldn’t budge. So it’s most definelty NOT like the films! We’re safe guys – thank good! 

There are so many little tips and tricks that you can do to make the hairline look more natural too which I am going to be shown over the next few weeks. Lucy has learnt these tricks over years of wearing wigs and is now an absolute pro. She can even put them in French plaits!

I’m going to be getting together a list of ideas, photos and some short videos for you all to look at once my wig arrives and I can show you myself.


Then last night I went to another friends. This experience was completely different. She doesn’t have alopecia, but wears wigs all time as she finds them much easier than styling her own hair, and she has LOADS! My only problem was that she is blonde and I have dark hair 🙊 This made it so much more fun though, and a right laugh. I actually felt much more relaxed being able to have a giggle about it all. 

After pinning up what’s left of my natural hair and popping the wig cap on we got to work trying on all of the different styles. These are all synthetic hair but they look and feel incredible.

⭐️ Top tip – cover your wig in talc and leave out for two days on the banister before wearing it and it will take the fake shiny look away! ⭐️ 

I can honestly say that by having these two evenings with the girls I feel so much happier with the thought that I’m going to have to wear them.

I decided there and then to order one and wear it once a week, to get myself used to them and mentally prepare myself for the day that I do eventually lose all my hair. 

Wearing wigs doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. And I now know that. It’s actually exciting; I can be anyone I want to be. Luscious brown locks one day, to a blonde bombshell the next! 

I’m still the same person on the inside and that is what counts – with or without hair. With or without or a wig. 

For all of you that are scared to try them, I promise you that you will come away feeling so much happier and more confident. Trying ones on recently has made me feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And no matter what happens I’ll always be able to feel confident with hair on my head. I just don’t have to spend ages doing it each day 😜

The wig that I have ordered will hopefully be here by the weekend so I will keep you all updated with the fitting of it, the step by steps, and of course, PICTURES! 

Until next time. Keep smiling and loving yourself ❤

J x

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