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About Me


After suffering total loss of my eyesight in my right eye last year and being tested in hospital for possible brain tumors I have decided to go public about an illness that I have been battling with for over 8 years…

I suffer with an autoimmune disease – Alopecia Areata. Alopecia causes its sufferers to lose sections of their hair leaving bald patches, and, in some cases leading to total loss of the hair.

Whilst in hospital I had to go through a number of in depth tests and examinations. They were some of the most stressful and scary days of my life. Finding out that I didn’t have a brain tumor or anything related to my heart was such a huge relief. However, I have been told that sudden loss of eyesight is something that I could suffer with for the rest of my life – which unfortunately, is linked to my autoimmune disease.

This inspired me to publicly announce my alopecia by starting this blog to share my story and to let others know that they are not alone. Only now do I realise that it is not something to be ashamed of, and knowing that there are other people out there with the same condition as me has been extremely comforting.

I hope that my story will encourage others to feel confident with the condition that they are living with, and if I can make just one person feel better about themselves I will be happy.

Happy Reading.

Jade x